Saturday, December 13, 2008

Juan at home

He's the cutiest in the family, funny and loves Power Rangers.
He always pretends he's a tiger.
He goes to school and has a lot of friends like Zack, Alicia, Theo and Kenneth.
Hobbies: to play ball with his brother and watch TV.
Favorite Food: mac'n cheese.
Favorite movie: Kunfu Panda.
Favorite Toys: cars and Bakugans.
Favorite color: dark blue
Favorite animal: tiger

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Belen's First Communion

Belen Marini (9)

She likes dancing and singing. She likes playing soccer, tag and playing with her siblings. Also doing homework. She would like to be a teacher and a mom when she grows up.

Hobbies: DS, Wii, hanging out with friends. She loves Sleepovers.
Favorite color: blue and purple
Favorite animal: fox. She loves cats and dogs too.
Favorite subject: music, PE and Spanish. (She is playing the celo at school this year.)
Languages: Spanish, English. (She's learning French)
Activities: soccer, piano, french, religion and girlscouts.
Favorite Food: pizza and pasta.
Singer: Selina Gomez

Vampire, Halloween 2008

Luli Marini (7)
Baby's mom. She's not shy at all. She loves playdates and sleepovers. She is very good at drawing . She plays the piano and she would like to learn Japanese and Karate (?) She would like to be a doctor when she grows up.
Hobbies: dress up, play DS, gymnastics.
Favorite food: Milanesas (con limon)
Favorite color: purple and blue.
Favorite animal: horses
Favorite subject: PE , arts and music.
Activities: piano, gymnastics and girl scouts.
Singer: Vanessa Hodgins

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vacation at Hilton Head, July 2008

Ignacio Marini (11)
Also known as Nacho, was born in September 23/1997, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He actually lives in NY, USA. His the oldest brother of three sisters and one brother.

Hobbies: guitar, Wii, DS, sing, dance, and act. Sports: soccer, baseball, basketball.Languages: Spanish, English. He's learning French.

Color: red Animal: leopard. Subjects: math, music, P.E. and art. Favorites: hanging out with friends and riding bike.

Favorite actor: Shia LaBouf